Top 10 Largest Malls in The World (2022) - Lookup Twice (2023)

Malls where you can go shopping, are a thing of the past. Today it is most often large-scale shopping and entertainment complexes. In addition to a variety of sales departments, visitors can find entertainment to their liking, especially if they come there with children. In some countries, malls look like real “cities.” They have entire amusement parks, game spaces, attractions, pools, restaurants, and even water parks. Impel Griffin company offers to admire the most ambitious, exclusive-luxurious, and impressive shopping complexes across the globe. Here is the list of Top 10 Largest Malls in The World-

1. The Dubai Mall – Dubai

Top 10 Largest Malls in The World (2022) - Lookup Twice (1)

Today, the world’s biggest shopping and entertainment center is the Dubai Mall, opened in 2008. The total area is 1 million m2, which is more than 50 football fields. On its territory, there are not only more than a thousand shops and 120 restaurants.

Dubai Mall has a five-star hotel, a cinema with many halls and the world’s most giant screens, themed entertainment venues for children of all ages and much, much more.

For example, the Dubai Mall is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest in the world. Visitors can admire more than 33 000 inhabitants of the seas and oceans.

The shopping center has an ice palace and an impressive sweets shop – also the biggest in the world. There are an indoor gold market and a whole street of shops of the most fashionable brands.

For ten years now, Dubai Mall has held the palm of the biggest shopping and entertainment center and the most popular tourist attraction across the globe.

Main Attraction

  • World’s largest candy store
  • SEGA game center featuring a 3D bowling game
  • Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records
  • 33 000 inhabitants of the seas and oceans
Opening‎ .2008
LocationNear Burj Khalifa
Retail shops Above 1,200 shops
Food Outlets 120 restaurants and cafes

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2. Puerto Venecia Mall, Spain

Top 10 Largest Malls in The World (2022) - Lookup Twice (2)

Located in Zaragoza, Puerto Venecia is the largest center in Europe. And its location makes it unique: the center was built in the middle of a large artificial lake.

On it, everyone can ride a boat or relax on the shore, equipped in the form of a beach with recreation areas. In winter, the lake freezes and becomes an excellent ice rink.

On the territory of this amazing shopping and entertainment center, which is 750,000 m2. Shops, more than ten cinemas, a surf area, sports grounds, a climbing wall, restaurants, cafes, terraces for relaxation and halls for entertainment.

The construction of Puerto Venecia cost 1 billion euros. But these costs paid off with massive flows of tourists, which are more than 20 million a year.

Main attraction

  • In the center, there is a beautiful artificial lake
  • Can enjoy skating on ice
  • The largest center in Europe
Opening‎ .2002
Customer per yr20 million

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3. Golden Resources Mall, China

Top 10 Largest Malls in The World (2022) - Lookup Twice (3)

It is Asia’s biggest shopping and entertainment center. Unofficially, the complex was given the name “Great Wall of China.” Indeed, Golden Resources Shopping Mall, as they say about it, will not let the visitor out of its arms until s/he finds entertainment or purchase to one`s liking.

The center has perhaps the largest dining area in the world, vast electronics stores, an indoor ice rink, chic jewelry stores, and, of course, entertainment venues and attractions for every taste.

The area of Golden Resources Shopping Mall is 680 thousand m2. Besides entertainment, the building also has language schools and centers for children’s education. A garden located on the roof with an area of ​​30 thousand m2 is what makes this institution unique.

Main attraction

  • Have centers for children’s education
  • Have an indoor ice rink
  • A garden located on the roof
Opening‎ . 2004
Area 6.0 million sq ft
Customer per day 50,000
location China

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4. West Edmonton Mall, Canada

Top 10 Largest Malls in The World (2022) - Lookup Twice (4)

It was built in 1981 in Edmonton. And until the Dubai Mall was opened, the center was considered the biggest in the world – this was noted in the Guinness Book of Records. Today, this shopping center bears the title of North America’s largest mall.

There are 800 stores, an entertainment park Galaxyland, a casino, a contact zoo, and a water park in the area of ​​500 thousand m2. Two unique places can be called a thing of the center: it is the biggest indoor pool globally with two-meter artificial waves and a pool with trained sea lions right in the middle of trading floors.

The floors are unique thematic zones that depict the most famous world centers, for example, Chinatown or European Boulevard. The construction of West Edmonton Mall costs about $ 930 million.

Main attraction

  • Biggest indoor pool
  • The largest shopping mall in North America
  • Zoo, and a water park
Opening‎ . 1981
Area 490,000 m2(5,300,000sq ft)
City Edmonton
Stores 800

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5. New Century Global Center, China

Top 10 Largest Malls in The World (2022) - Lookup Twice (5)

Since July 2013, the title of the most significant building globally belongs to the New Century Global Center in the Chinese city of Chengdu.

The area of ​​the New Century Global Center is about 1.76 million m2. The glass and metal building has 18 floors; it is three times the size of the Pentagon and 20 times the “shells” of the Sydney Opera House.

The Center has a wide variety of shops and trading platforms, and there are numerous conference rooms, offices, commercial centers, two whole five-star hotels, an IMAX cinema, and, most importantly, a local university.

For fun, the New Century Global Center has an enormous indoor water park with beaches, sea breezes, and realistic sunsets. It is noteworthy that the construction of such a giant building lasted only a year.

Main attraction

  • Indoor water park with beaches, sea breezes, and realistic sunsets
  • The ninth-largest video screen in the world
  • world’s largest building in terms of floor area
Opening 2013
Floor area 1,700,000 square metres
City Chengdu

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6. SM Megamall, Philippines

Top 10 Largest Malls in The World (2022) - Lookup Twice (6)

This mall is considered one of the biggest on earth and the biggest in the Philippine Islands. It is located in the center of Manila and includes two houses. The prettiest and impressive part of the complex is the Atrium, connecting these two buildings. The considerable ice rink located in the center building is also admirable.

SM Megamall was opened in 1991. Each year, more than 800 000 people visit it, mainly tourists. The outlet center has many shops, attractions, exclusive restaurants, and outlets of the most famous world fashion brands.

Main attraction

  • IMAX theater world’s biggest 3D screens
  • Olympic-sized ice skating rink
  • The 20-seater tram takes shoppers around the mall grounds
Opening‎ . 1991
Area 4.2 million sq ft
Customer per day 800 000
location Metro Manila, Philippines

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7. Canal City, Japan

Top 10 Largest Malls in The World (2022) - Lookup Twice (7)

This is a wonderful shopping and entertainment complex; the whole mini-city that surrounds the artificial channel was opened in 1996. You can go shopping, visit cafes and even entire restaurants along the shores.

The place is exciting for its impressive fountains and water figures in the Japanese national style.

Feel free to visit the cinema, musical hall, and theater and art exhibitions. One of the floors of the Canal City of Fukuoka is Ramen Stadium, where there are many outlets with various types of traditional dish, which is Ramen noodles.

Main attraction

  • Video arcade called Taito
  • An artificial canal runs through the center
  • A beautiful Water show
Opening 1996
Area 2.5 millionsquare feet
Stores 250
City Fukuoka

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8. Mall of America, USA

Top 10 Largest Malls in The World (2022) - Lookup Twice (8)

The biggest shopping and entertainment center in the United States is called “shopaholic paradise.” Indeed, in three vast department stores and 520 of its stores, you can find something to your liking. And then relax and have a meal in one of the 50 restaurants.

Interestingly, 32 Boeing 747 can be accommodated on the territory of the shopping center. For kids, the center has many attractions, the Legoland theme park, and a considerable aquarium complex with marine inhabitants, where you can even swim with sharks under the supervision of experienced divers, as well as the Flight Simulation Center “.

Experts have calculated that if you go around all the shops, cafes, and Mall of America, it will take 86 hours.

Main attraction

  • There’s an aquarium with a variety of inhabitants
  • Have giant indoor amusement park, Nickelodeon Universe
Area4,870,000sq ft

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9. Grand Canal Shoppes, USA

Top 10 Largest Malls in The World (2022) - Lookup Twice (9)

Grand Canal Shoppes was erected in 1999. In an area of ​​more than 46 thousand m2, visitors will find shops, cafes, and restaurants. But the entertainment center attracts huge attention of tourists from all over the world for more than just that.

It provides the opportunity to ride on a real gondola through open channels. The gondolier will even sing a lyric song so that visitors can completely plunge into the romantic atmosphere of Venice.

Also, there are concerts, operas, art galleries on the territory of the center. Twenty million people come to the Grand Canal Shoppes annually.

Main attraction

  • Ride over real gondola through open channels
  • The mall has indoor canal
CityLas Vegas
Area500,000 sq ft

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10. Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Top 10 Largest Malls in The World (2022) - Lookup Twice (10)

This shopping and entertainment center is the 2nd biggest in the OAE after Dubai Mall. Its area is more than 600 thousand m2, and the number of visitors per week is 750 thousand.

It has everything that can please such a considerable center: shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, and attractions. But its thing, pride and business card, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors is the indoor ski center “Ski Dubai,” which is the only one in the world. Outside, +30 and more, and in a snowy room, ski races and gambling are thrown by snowballs.

Besides, there are several supermarkets and even one hypermarket, well-known brand stores, and cheaper outlets – all for visitors and every most demanding taste in the mall.

Main attraction

  • The family entertainment center
  • Explore the underwater city of the Lost Chambers Aquarium
LocationSheikh Zayed Rd
Area233,467 sqm

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